Careers in Culture – Careers in Cultural Management

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“For me, a career in cultural administration has been a process of change and career-long learning. The variety of experiences and opportunities for continued personal challenge has been wonderful. Careers in the cultural sector require flexibility and ongoing professional development in the face of a broad range of skill requirements – the return is rewarding, meaningful work.”
- Penny Houlden, Director, The Rooms, Provincial Museum of Newfoundland and Labrador

Advancement into and within the cultural sector may follow a number of different routes:

  • Moving into more responsible management positions in the same organization.
  • Moving into a similar but more responsible position in another organization.
  • Moving into an expanding part of the sector, such as within municipal government arts or heritage programming.
  • Self-employment, by starting up a non-profit organization or a business, and then managing it.
  • Independent consulting (for experienced, multi-talented and flexible people).