Careers in Culture – Careers in Cultural Management

> How do I learn more skills?

“The arts are a community of highly dedicated and talented people from whom I have learned a great deal. Building a network of these people across the country and across disciplines has proven to be an invaluable support, both professionally and personally. This bulwark has allowed me to move freely – from granting programs, policy development, advocacy to the many other aspects of working in the arts – with assurance and a sense of camaraderie, accomplishment and personal fulfillment.”
-Keith Kelly, Consultant, Ottawa

A quick scan of the testimonials sprinkled throughout this website illustrates some of the myriad ways to gain the knowledge and hone the skills required for a career in cultural management. There are many options related to education and training in cultural management. The routes can be grouped into four categories:

  1. Workshops offered at conferences or formal learning programs developed by many cultural organizations.

  2. Apprenticeship, internship, on-the-job training, and mentorship opportunities. Visit the Cultural Human Resources Council’s website for more information …

  3. Professional networking opportunities.

  4. Volunteering in the management or administration of cultural organizations, including on Boards.