Careers in Culture – Careers in Cultural Management

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“I had the good fortune to enjoy a very active career nationally and internationally as a musician. In the summer of 1999, an injury ended my career as a performer and I was forced to redefine myself. My time at Concordia was most helpful in that it gave me the necessary tools to be a competent administrator. In 2002, McGill University offered me a position as a full-time professor and asked me to chair the strings department. The position led me to work closely with a number of cultural stakeholders and opened the door to new experiences. When I look back, I can see that an open mind, a varied career as an artist, and an ongoing interest in discovering new things were critical components of my career.”
- André Roy, String Area Chair, Faculty of Music, McGill University

Paths into a career in cultural management are diverse and, for many, not a straight line. Common approaches include:

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