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“The arts have always been a big part of my life. Being a cultural manager is a very challenging role as every day brings new tasks and responsibilities. It is exciting because it keeps me on my toes and is a continuous learning experience. And it feels great to be behind the scenes of one of the leading contemporary dance companies in Canada. If you would like an exciting career full of adventure and personal rewards, I would highly recommend one in cultural management.”
- Maggie Kwan, Development Manager, Toronto Dance Theatre

A career in cultural management can be very rewarding. If you are looking to work in the arts, but not as a performer or creator, there are many opportunities in cultural management whether you’re a student, an artist or transitioning from another occupation.

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People can choose from a range of careers that open doors in the invisible “wall” between creators and the public. You could work in a crafts store or an art gallery, or for a music magazine or book publisher. You could work with elders to record Aboriginal heritage, document your own ethno-cultural traditions, organize tours, distribute films, or take visitors on tours to local cultural attractions. From there, you could move into management or administration in these organizations or businesses. You could assist an organization in its financial or human resource practices, develop new programs and policies, pull together the talents and skills of many people to create new cultural products or services, or work with many organizations to develop good practices in cultural management. All of these careers require creativity, commitment and the right skills and attitudes.

This site will take you through what you need to know and what you need to do to have a career in Cultural Management.