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> Test your fit in cultural management

“As a working musician, entering cultural management seemed the next logical step in my professional development. While working in cultural management will never make me rich, it allows me to exercise a certain amount of creativity that I would otherwise not be afforded. The satisfaction of waking up every day and looking forward to going to work cannot be measured in dollars and cents.”
- Raj Nigam, Programming Manager, Francis Winspear Centre for Music, Edmonton

Cultural management can be defined as the art of planning, organizing, leading, supervising and monitoring activities within the not-for-profit and for-profit arts, heritage and cultural industries sector.

These activities include management and administration.

Do you …

  • Have an interest in or a passion for the arts or heritage?
  • Want to work in a place that welcomes creativity?
  • Want to be able to celebrate your own culture in your work?
  • Like to work with interesting people who will appreciate the things that you accomplish?
  • Enjoy learning and trying new things?
  • See the “big picture” on a project?
  • Pay attention to details?
  • Know how to encourage and inspire others?
  • Enjoy solving problems and making things happen?
  • Have good communication skills?
  • Know that you are flexible and adaptable?
  • Like to continue with a task until it is finished?
  • Have high levels of energy and enthusiasm?
  • Like having a lot of responsibility?
  • Have ingenuity and resourcefulness?
  • Know you can handle pressure well?

How many items from the lists did you agree with – a dozen or more? Then a career in cultural management may be a good “fit” for you!

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