Careers in Culture – Careers in Cultural Management

> Is a job in cultural management for you?

Are you interested in art, music, live performance, books, films, multimedia or heritage? Do you enjoy sharing your favourite music with friends, surfing the internet for the latest craze, going to a dance or theatre performance, visiting galleries and museums, or attending a concert? Is your life’s dream to manage a successful band, open an art gallery to show your friends’ work and maybe your own, develop a market for new animation features or computer games, or build a successful film studio?

Does art, culture or heritage feed your passion, yet you study or work in a completely different area? Do you like to get things going, or help a project reach a successful conclusion? Perhaps you are already practicing an art, but want – or need – to develop your skills on a different level. If you find that many of your interests, pleasures and passions focus on art and culture, then this exciting and dynamic field might be a great career path for you.

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