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In today's highly competitive job market, you cannot simply use the same résumé for every position. Target each résumé by tailoring your Career Objective section to the organization and the position you're interested in. Then write your résumé in such a way that the information reinforces your objective.

Could one of these sample career objectives be on your résumé?

  • To work in the area of public relations. I want to use my writing and business skills to develop a career in corporate communications.
  • To work as a copy-editor for a publisher and increase my knowledge about communications, both print and electronic. I am interested in a lifetime career in publishing.
  • To work as a sales representative in a publishing house. I want to build a career in promotion, marketing and sales of books.

Résumé Tips:

  • Use a word-processor. Your résumé should be a professional document.
  • Make sure there are no spelling mistakes.
  • Don’t put in information that is not relevant to your career goal or to the position you are applying.
  • Ask yourself what qualities and achievements the hiring manager is looking for in a job applicant. If you have them, make sure you include them.
  • Don’t send a photo.

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