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Has your love affair with the written word pushed you towards exploring a career as a writer? Do you look through your local library or bookstore and wonder why you can’t find a certain kind of book? Are you wondering how your writing talents might work best in today’s marketplace? In the universe of instant communication, writers are in demand, and publishing is crossing from print into many different electronic formats. Good writing and publishing skills and experience open doors to innumerable occupations. Some writers dream of penning the great Canadian novel, play or screenplay, but the vast majority make their living as journalists, freelance writers, technical writers or, working in publishing houses.

Words on the Move! Careers in Writing and Publishing is part of a series of online resources to help you research, plan and achieve your cultural career goals. The series was developed by the Cultural Human Resources Council (CHRC), a national not for profit organization that represents artists and arts organizations across Canada in consultation with writers and those working in the publishing industry. Explore CHRC’s website to learn more about other careers in culture.