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Want To Form Your Own Company - Get Informed!

If your heart is set on forming a performing company of your own, then you will have considerable researching and careful planning to do. Learn about the different types of company structures – be it collective, non-profit or for-profit – and then choose the one that feels best for your endeavour. You will need to register the company in your province or territory (or federally, if you will have members and activities in more than one part of Canada), and decide the roles, responsibilities and election processes for your Board of Directors. Inform yourself about the laws and regulations you must follow, including considering tax issues, workers compensation, and other required remittances. You’ll need to know about your responsibilities as an employer. If you are located in Québec, remember that such rules can be quite different in the rest of Canada. Only when you have done your homework, satisfied all legal and governmental requirements, created a business plan, and found your financial backing can you start to live your artistic dream!