Careers in Culture – Careers in Live Performing Arts

> Build your skills

Your talent and creativity are what make you a “natural” for a career in live performing arts. But your skills – the knowledge you get from training and experience – are key to finding and getting work in this demanding environment.

Be a Multi-Skilled Worker

Being multi-skilled means that you're versatile and competent in many different work settings. For example, you could be a performer who can act, sing and dance. Or, a choreographer who managers his or her own company. Perhaps you could be a stage manager who can also build sets, coordinate props and write promotional copy. Be multi-skilled and you'll be in demand!

Use Your Transferable Skills

Do you have good communication skills? Are you disciplined? How about your teamwork skills? These types of skills are in demand in every career path. Build these transferable skills and you'll find opportunities open to you no matter what you decide to do!