Careers in Culture – Careers in Live Performing Arts

> The all-round performer

If you’re a performer, you will usually spend years in training to perfect your art. Building your knowledge as a professional by auditioning, researching opportunities and keeping at the top of your form requires a great deal of energy. You may find yourself so immersed in your field of performance that you lose sight of the rest of the world. However, while hard work and discipline must be part of your life, great performances usually come from people who remain curious and connected to other people. By seeking life experiences outside your immediate circle of performance-related friends, you grow as an artist and your art has more depth and content.

Remember to continue exploring your other interests and widening your social circle beyond your work peers. This strategy is vital for all performers, but it is especially important for artists such as dancers as well as for some circus artists whose careers may be limited because of physical demands. Keep connected with the world, and it will provide you with many different opportunities in your field and outside of it.