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Entertain Canada and the World

Canada has a small population, and our artists and performance companies have to develop international audiences to survive financially. Canadian theatre, opera and dance companies, musical groups and circuses market themselves around the globe. Do you love traveling? Do you enjoy talking to people from other cultures? If you're in a live performing arts career, you could find yourself jetting to other countries or working the telephones with your peers around the world.

Technology + Talent = A Great Mix!

Computerization is changing the way many people in live performing arts careers do their work. Specialized software is now commonplace in all aspects of a production. When a company goes on tour, set or lighting designers can email their plans to the venue well in advance of arrival, so that lighting, set and sound plans are in place. A small theatre or dance company can develop their own publicity and marketing materials.

The Internet is creating new performance markets. If you dream of working in the live performing arts, make sure that you keep your computer skills up to date. These may be key to the career of your choice.

It’s a Performance Spectacular!

Dance performances with singing ensembles, circuses with acting, and operas with multimedia – many companies are finding that shows with great talent and a variety of elements are having sell-out performances and creating spin-off touring companies. As these types of performances increase, your career path in the live performing arts could take unexpected routes.

You could be part of a creative team developing a production concept. You may find yourself traveling extensively as a performer or technician. Or you could be a logistics person handling complex touring details. Whatever your role, this trend in live performance means many opportunities for people who want on stage and off stage careers.