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> The "classical" approach

Many people get into classical music at a very early age in order to develop their instrumental technique and style. If this is the route you’ve taken, perhaps you already had extensive musical training by the time you reached your teens. This head start is invaluable no matter what kind of music you eventually pursue. However, it does not necessarily ensure your success.

Every musical genre is very competitive. Use the checklist to make sure that you’re taking advantage of every possible strategy to reach your full musical potential.

  • I have joined a professional association/union.
  • I know how to prepare for and perform well at an audition.
  • I practice every day.
  • I try to play as many different styles as I can so I don't limit my musical horizons.
  • I take Master Classes.
  • I enter music festivals and competitions to gain performing experience.
  • I audition for local/provincial/national orchestras.
  • I read trade magazines and newsletters about the music industry.
  • I take lessons with orchestra professionals.
  • I attend music workshops and seminars.
  • I network with other musicians to better understand my profession.
  • I take business and marketing courses and learn about self-promotion.
  • I perform music whenever the opportunity arises.