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Show and “Sell” - Build Your Digital Media Portfolio

People who hire Digital Media workers are almost always Digital Media specialists themselves – Art Directors, Project Managers and Producers. They'll want to see what you can do that will make you a valuable member of their team. Your portfolio of work could be one of your most powerful job-finding tools and, depending on its format, can be sent with your résumé or brought to an interview. Here are some ideas for building a Digital Media portfolio.

Portfolios, Web sites and Demos!

Create your own online or DVD-based digital portfolio so potential employers can quickly and easily peruse through your creations. Some organisations offer "demo-reel advice" to artist applicants on their websites, specifying what they want to see. Whether you are an up and coming Animator, Visual Effects Artist, Lighting Specialist, Motion Capture, Model &/or Texture Artist, you can demonstrate what you have to offer.

A digital portfolio can also be used to showcase your design, music or technical skills, showcasing projects you've completed. A demo is an excellent way to prove what you can do.

Your website – demonstrate your designing and programming skills by creating an interesting picture of yourself. Indicate the URL of your site in your résumé and always bring a hardcopy to your interview.

Remember that your profiles on sites like MySpace, YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn represent you to future employers. Think about your privacy setting and consider that whatever you post online has longevity.

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