Careers in Culture – Digital Media: "The Interactive Zone"

Work in Digital Media is Everywhere

Perhaps you're a graphic designer who's interested in designing Webpages, videogames, e-stores, or mobile apps. Maybe you want to apply your organisational skills to producing Digital Media products. Or perhaps you're a communicator and want to share your opinions of videogames, music or new technologies. Whatever your ambition you'll find many workplaces where you can market your knowledge and skills.

Here are some examples of Digital Media workplaces:

  • Application software development companies
  • Computer hardware manufacturing companies
  • Customer experience software organisations
  • Educational institutions
  • Graphic design studios
  • Marketing and communications companies
  • Mobile or telecommunications companies
  • Telephone, telecommunications and broadcasting companies
  • Training and communications departments in large
  • Videogame studios
  • Website development companies

Research tips

  • If you've identified companies that interest you, then visit their websites to get a feel for their products and services, the names of their executives, managers, full addresses and phone numbers. Many companies that specialize in Digital Media products such as website development put samples of past projects on their websites.

  • Not sure about a specific company? Perhaps you're interested in a specific sector of the economy such as telecommunications or broadcasting. Use the Internet to get as much information as you can on growth and opportunities in this field or seek out your regional/provincial industry association for more information.

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