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How to Get Experience

Listen to what our experts have to say on how to get hands-on experience!

Hands-on experience

People who hire Digital Media workers are looking for applicants with hands-on experience and up-to-date understanding of new technologies. Use the following checklist to figure out ways to get this important know-how.

How to get experience

I could...

Practice building Digital Media programs and websites with different authoring software programs.
Volunteer to build a website for my school or a local non-profit organisation.
Get a co-op placement at a Digital Media company.
Create a Digital Media Club in my school that brings in speakers to talk about their experiences in this field.
Download free software tools online and explore what they can do and what I can create.
Get a part-time or summer job at a technology-related store.
Gather a group of like-minded students with different skillsets and work together as a team to see what we can create.
Work with a musical group to create a YouTube music videos, create a mobile app or upload their music on the Internet as downloadable content.
Install, repair and maintain computer hardware and software for my family, friends and/or my school.
Design a personal website.
Volunteer at local organisations or businesses to help them with their computer network systems.
Start a blog or a podcast.

How many boxes did you check off? Do you see many opportunities to gain hands-on experience in Digital Media? Can you think of others?

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