Careers in Culture – Digital Media: "The Interactive Zone"

Get a Head Start on Your Interactive Career

People come to Digital Media careers from many different backgrounds and interests. Getting started involves four musts:

  1. Stay current
  2. Acquire specialized skills while always keeping an eye on the "big picture"
  3. Build a wide network of contacts and
  4. Get hands-on experience

Develop Your Specialized Skills

Many people working in Digital Media have post-secondary education in a variety of fields, but they find that getting specialized training can boost their careers. Your local college/C├ęgep and university probably offer programs that can help you develop the skills you need.

What kind of courses might you take?

  • Animation
  • Audio technology
  • Computer engineering
  • Computer science
  • Educational technology
  • E-learning instructional design
  • Multimedia scriptwriting
  • New media design
  • New media graphic arts
  • Programming
  • Television broadcasting

There are also less obvious careers in Digital Media that include everything from Marketing, Public Relations, Localization, Sales, Publishing, Finance, Internal IT Systems Support and Human Resources.

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