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Name that Digital Media Skill

It takes more than one skill to succeed in a Digital Media career. Can you match the skills in the left column to the tasks in the right column? Drag each boxed number to an answer in the right column, and then check your answers.

Name That Digital Media Skill

Drag the white number boxes to the correct answers!

11 Team work skills   a You quickly learn the fundamentals of a new authoring program.
22 Project management skills   b You keep in touch with many others in the industry.
33 Learning skills   c You find examples of innovative websites to show a client.
44 Networking skills   d You design a unique graphic interface to enhance user experience.
55 Problem-solving skills   e You keep your project within budget and on time.
66 Research skills   f Your brand new company is so successful that you are named "Entrepreneur of the Year".
77 Creative skills   g You work well with others.
88 Business skills   h You make a great pitch to a potential client.
99 Communication skills   i You rewrite existing code to solve a client's problem.

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