Careers in Culture – Digital Media: "The Interactive Zone"

Where you go is up to you

In 1999, it took 24 hours to download a complete edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica. Today, Internet systems can handle huge amounts of information at incredible speeds.

What does this mean for those in cultural careers? Virtual workplaces where people around the world can collaborate on the same online project simultaneously. Distribution continues to evolve. What can you envision for the future of the Internet? Opportunities will be as close as your imagination.

In the past three decades, our everyday items – and how we use them – have been changing as technologies improve existing products or create new ones. Telephones went from rotary dial to touch tone, to wireless. Now everywhere you look you'll see smartphones which have completely changed the face of people's social and business interactitions.

What's ahead? Even more change. Do you find change challenging or exhilarating? Your flexibility and adaptability will be great assets in your digital media career.

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