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Wanted – Team Players!

Digital Media products and services generally mix a variety of elements such as graphics, video, audio and text. This means that if you're working on a Digital Media project, you'll be part of a working group that may include producers, publishers, programmers, musicians, writers, designers, and various types of artists – each relying on the others to help make the project a success. Well-rounded teams with contributors who have diverse and complimentary skillsets will constructively challenge one-another. This balanced combination of people can forge a unique and innovative path to a new project, product or experience. You may seek out people who have complementary skillsets or work in a studio environment as part of a team.

You have the opportunity and choice to develop your skills and become an expert in a specific area of Digital Media or over time, you may prefer to become a generalist with expertise across various sub-sectors of Digital Media, like film and videogames. As technology advances cross- breeding of sub-sectors creates the need for well-rounded talent. Teams with a full range of artistic, technical and business skills are key to the successful development of new products, services and business models.

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