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A big trend in Digital Media is entrepreneurship. That's when individuals or small groups of people with great ideas for products start their own companies. Today's technologies make it possible to have a business in a basement while delivering products or services almost anywhere in the world. With a quality computer, and some decent software, anyone from anywhere now has the capability to easily make and share innovative products with the world.

Ask yourself these key questions:

  • Are you an independent type?
  • Would you enjoy working to your own schedule?
  • Do you think you could live without a regular paycheque?
  • Are you a hard worker who is persistent?

People who've started Digital Media businesses say there are great opportunities out there, but success requires business skills, a lot of energy and terrific persistence. Courses in marketing, project management and finance will help you develop the skills required to run your own small business.

Canadian Digital Media companies have an opportunity to reach global markets. Since start-up costs can be low and there is relatively easy access to global markets, thanks to the internet, you have the opportunity to build a global business.

Interesting stats

  • In 2012, there were 2,960 Digital Media companies in Canada involved in both content creation and enabling activities, employing over 52,000 people and generating $3.8 billion in revenues.
  • Half of these revenues are attributed to content creation.
  • Over three quarters of Canadian interactive companies are SMEs, defined as companies earning less than $1 million per year or less.

Source: MDR, Canada's Interactive Digital Media Industry, CHRC (2012): p. 32, 2.2.2)

  • The Entertainment Software Association of Canada predicts that 77% of firms will be hiring new graduates in 2013, as compared to 59% of firms in 2009.

Source: MDR, Canada's Interactive Digital Media Industry, CHRC (2012): p. 8.

Labour Market of Tomorrow

With every new platform and a growing consumer base for new types of Digital Media content, the growing opportunities for Canadian companies in the international marketplace for Digital Media are incredible. As the industry matures there will continue to be intense competition for qualified workers. As time goes on, experienced industry people will be increasingly sought after. You have every opportunity in front of you! Students who seek out work-study experiences, preparing them for "real world" research and development (R&D) and innovation experiences will be continue to be a valuable commodity.

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