Careers in Culture – Digital Media: "The Interactive Zone"

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Are you interested in social media, mobile applications, digital art, computers and the Internet but aren't a "techie"? Then there's great news for you. Creators, communicators, entertainers – these people are flocking to Digital Media. Why? Because it is the cultural "place" that reflects the values, issues and attitudes of our society. No matter what your artistic interests, Digital Media will give you an opportunity to use your style, vision and creativity in exciting and dynamic new ways.

What kind of work is available? Many Digital Media workers are self-employed entrepreneurs. Although it may be possible to get full-time work many people decide to free-lance and are hired to work on short-term projects. Also, expect only a modest and often unstable income at first. You'll need to gain technical and business skills and experience to earn more in Digital Media. The amazing thing is that people in this space are passionate and excited about what they do. Want to be excited to go to work every day?

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