Careers in Culture – Digital Media: "The Interactive Zone"

What are the jobs?

Careers tend to center around the entertainment arts, education & training, marketing, informational & social networking / services. Digital Media includes simulations and interactive e-learning, advertising and promotional content, branded entertainment and product extensions. If you enjoy being social online then a career in social networking, interactive information or social services might be for you!

Digital Media includes DVDs, virtual reality, chat rooms, digital TV, email, e-commerce, podcasts, blogging, DVD and on-line, mobile and console videogames, e-zines, webcasts, web-conferencing, interactive kiosks, distance education, digital special effects, 3-D animation, digital video, digital music production, photo enhancement, electronic publishing and… more!

Here is only an overarching list of sub-sectors that Digital Media has under its very wide umbrella:

  • Entertainment Arts
    • Game Design and Development
    • Interactive Narrative
    • Original Art-based Interactive
    • Cross-Platform Entertainment

  • Education/Training
    • Simulations and Interactive Training
    • Curriculum-based Interactive Education

  • Marketing
    • Advertising and Promotional Content
    • Branded Entertainment
    • Product Extensions

  • Information/Social
    • Social Networking
    • Mash-Up Engines
    • Interactive Social Services
    • Interactive Information Services

Source: MDR, Canada's Interactive Digital Media Industry, CHRC (2012): p. 49, Appendix 1

Make an impact

Digital content and technologies are critical to almost every activity in our economy and society. These applications enable businesses to be innovative and productive; help governments to provide services; and allow citizens to interact, to transmit and to share information and knowledge.

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