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What's the industry like in Canada?

Did you know that Canada is a world leader in developing digital technologies?

"Canadian interactive Digital Media companies are highly innovative, investing significantly in research and development (R&D) and producing on average 65% of their projects based on internally developed original intellectual property (IP) – with the balance produced based on IP acquired from or held by another company.

Up to 62% of staff are reportedly dedicated to artistic functions linked to R&D, accounting for 60% of total remuneration. The games industry in Canada is also said to be highly innovative, with just over half of all companies reportedly committing over 75% of their total production budgets to IP."

MDR, Canada's Interactive Digital Media Industry, CHRC (2012): p.6.

Canadians have better access to computers and the Internet than many other people around the world. This means that Canadians working in Digital Media today are at the very cutting edge of technology, "pushing the envelope" of what's possible and new.

Canada is currently recognized as having one of the most talented Digital Media workforces worldwide. What does this mean for you? You have the opportunity to leverage and learn from a maturing industry and professionals who have paved their own career paths out of the Digital Media industry. This is a great environment for "ideas" people with energy and enthusiasm.

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