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What do Digital Media people do?

So what do Digital Media people say they're doing? Delivering and presenting information in new ways; creating an interactive mix of visual media, like digitally enhanced animation, graphics, photography, video and/or sound. They might create "new media", like websites, multimedia authoring or computer games. Digital Media workers might be creating apps, visual effects sequences, programming or coding the back-end of what a user can see on their screen. Individuals who make a career out of Digital Media are working on the cutting edge of what's new and exciting. Will Digital Media be your career path? Then create your own definition. Chances are – in this new and constantly changing industry – you'll be right!

Where did Digital Media come from?

Let's try to understand where Digital Media came from. Back in the 1980s, media outlets depended on print, art, and old-school audio techniques to communicate and entertain. As the boundaries of technology were pushed, the face of media and how it was produced changed dramatically. It evolved into a constantly moving art form that incorporated the use of computers, specialized software applications and creative technology workers.

With this change, the components within film, television, music, journalism, advertising and personal communication evolved. Digital Media production has become a process in creating what the world sees, hears and absorbs each day.

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