Careers in Culture – Digital Media: "The Interactive Zone"

Curiosity Checklist

How can you find out if a career in Digital Media would suit you?

Think about your talents and interests. Explore your skills and attitudes. These are important clues to discovering if a particular career path will provide you with satisfying and meaningful work.

Curiosity Checklist

Do you...

think in pictures and images?
like to use innovative technologies?
have an interest in computers and software?
have design skills and like using graphics software?
want it to be possible for the world to see and hear things differently and with more imagination?
have ideas about written content for interactive products?
want to work at the leading edge of technology?
consider yourself as highly creative or technically-minded?
have ideas for new mobile apps or a videogame?
read technology, art or business blogs?
listen to podcasts on technology or entertainment arts?
have an interest in "end-user" experiences and in improving them?

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