Careers in Culture – Digital Media: "The Interactive Zone"


If you're interested in a Digital Media career, you'll be joining other creators, developers and communicators – artists, designers, programmers, software engineers, animators, writers, educators, and business people – who are using digital technologies to deliver information to people in new ways. It's an industry where artistic, technological and business skills are converging around innovative new products and services. New business models and markets are being adopted by those in Digital Media.

Perhaps you want to apply your artistic skills to develop dazzling images for a website, special effects skills to screen-based media or creating emotion-driven animation for a videogame on a particular console platform such as Xbox 360 or PS3, online or for hand-held gaming devices (such as a mobile phone, touch-screen or DS2).

Or perhaps you're a writer at heart? Those same videogames need scripts and your storytelling abilities would be put to the test. Do you have a knack for explaining things and want to design e-learning courses?

Whatever route you choose, you'll find that a satisfying career in Digital Media will mean a mix of creativity, a positive attitude, and solid technical and interpersonal skills.

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