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> Interested in performing? Tips to better auditions

Performers usually have to audition in order to get work. Producers and directors often want to try out many people before finding the one they think is right for their production. Auditions are never easy. No matter how confident they feel, most performers find auditioning stressful. However, you can learn attitudes and develop techniques that will help you hone your auditioning skills.

How to Find Audition Opportunities

Use your network to talk to experienced people. Ask directors and casting agents what they look for. Talk to other performers and try to learn from their experiences and techniques. Consider taking courses in auditioning if you feel you could use more guidance. The more practice you have, the more skilled you will be.

News about auditions is often spread by word of mouth. Canadian Actors' Equity Association (often just called “Equity”) posts general auditions on their website. Union des artistes (UDA) can help you find an audition coach. And you can find other great resources and information by researching some of the organizations listed on UDA’s website.

The best way to find out about audition opportunities is to get involved with people in your field of interest and build your personal connections. Join appropriate unions or professional associations, and take advantage of their professional development and networking opportunities. And don't forget to live up to your responsibilities as a member of these organizations