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Technology + Talent = A Great Mix!

Computerization is changing the way many people in film and broadcasting careers do their work. Some actors now wear body mics that are hooked to computerized sound systems. Specialized software is being used for all aspects of production from scriptwriting, to costume design, to musical scoring. Animation and special effects programs are central to many of today's film and television programming. Radio, film and television editing is now completely digitized so that technicians can cut, mix and add elements by computer.

New media and the Internet are creating new performance markets. If you dream of working in film or broadcasting, make sure that you keep your computer skills up to date. These are key to the career of your choice.

Establish Yourself at Film or Video Festivals

Although the process of submitting your feature film, documentary, or video to a local or international film festival can be time-consuming and costly, the marketing rewards can be well worth it. Valuable exposure is gained when your work is juried and selected for screening at local, national or prestigious international film festivals such as the Toronto Film Festival. It is here that you can garner valuable media coverage, establish your credentials and attract key players in the industry.

Find Out About Distribution Channels

The competitive world of film and broadcasting requires you to seek a Canadian distributor who will find the right markets for your work. You need to learn about how films and broadcasts are distributed, what royalties and rights you can expect, and how to take advantage of secondary markets that may evolve from your project, like the original soundtrack from your first feature film.