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> Wanted - collaborative people!

… And Lets the Credits Roll…

For every performer, there are hundreds of people working to make the performance or production happen. Administrators provide support in film, video and broadcasting companies, and run arts  service organizations. Technicians handle sound, lighting and film production. And workers such as researchers, make-up artists, costume designers and props handlers provide important support services. Many people “out of the limelight” have exciting, satisfying and enriching careers behind the scenes. What do you need for these career paths? Creativity, technical training and great problem solving, communications and teamwork skills.

Wanted – collaborative people!

The world of film and broadcasting is for people who like other people. Every production or performance is an intense collaboration with many workers, from creators to ticket sellers. How well do you get along with others? Use the following quiz to assess you interpersonal skills.

Interpersonal Skills

Do you...

Respect the ideas and feelings of others.
Accept authority and supervision.
Know how to express yourself well.
Stay cheerful even under pressure.
Respect other people's differences.
Work good in teams.
Listen well.