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Creators – Where It All Happens

Are you interested in being a filmmaker, broadcaster, or animator? Then you're a person who wants to express your ideas in an original way. These career paths can be extremely fulfilling and enriching, but they can also be difficult. Chances are you will start out by developing works by yourself and without pay, and this may never become more than a part-time occupation. You will be competing with many other creators to find a market for your work.

Do you create because that is who you are? Are you determined to succeed? Can you handle rejection? You'll have to combine your training and talent with hard work, dedication and persistence. You'll need to keep abreast of new computer software and communication tools. If you love what you're doing, then keep on! Have faith in yourself, your talents and your vision.

Is Performance Your Passion?

If you want to be a performer, you'll face unique challenges. Everyone who is part of a production is essential, but its success or failure will ultimately depend on you. Each time you perform, you are expected to be at your best. The role of the performer, or radio or television news host, is so important that producers and directors audition many people in order to find just the right one for their production. This means that for every successful person at an audition, there are many who don't make it. Even those who make it usually have to juggle a number of contracts, and rely on other types of work to supplement their income from performing.

How can you best meet the challenges of this demanding career path? By learning your craft and constantly honing your abilities to their highest levels and making your discipline and dedication work for you. Successful performers say that they never stop training, they never stop learning, and they never give up!