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> Your career in film and broadcasting

Do you dream about working on a feature film, in television or in radio? Film and broadcasting are a dynamic and growing part of the cultural sector. People who work in film and broadcasting create performances, products and programs that help us understand ourselves and each other. Through our television sets and radios, at the movie theatre or tuning into a podcast, we connect with other lives, cultures, places and times. However, we don't make these connections alone. Millions of other people are often watching the same television shows and hearing the same music as we are. If you have a career in film and broadcasting, you'll be part of a powerful force in today's world, linking people through shared experiences.

Perhaps you dream of being in the spotlight, bringing pleasure to people through your performance skills. Or maybe you'd love to be behind the scenes, providing the important managerial, technical or marketing skills that make films and broadcasts/podcasts happen.