Careers in Culture – Careers in Film and Broadcasting

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Is it your dream to find a career in film or broadcasting, whether in front of or behind the camera? Then a world of opportunity awaits you. People around the globe continue to turn to film and broadcasting as their primary entertainment source. If you love to tell a story or convey information through these media, and you've developed other competencies such as skills in design, computer science or business, then you have a wealth of career options. Of course, the old values of hard work and determination are just as relevant as ever.

From Shortwave to Widescreen: Careers in Film and Broadcasting is part of a series of resources to help you research, plan and achieve your cultural career goals. They have been developed by the Cultural Human Resources Council, a national not for profit organization that represents artists and arts organizations across Canada. Explore the CHRC website to learn more about other careers in culture.