Careers in Culture – Careers In Heritage

> Moving towards your heritage career

People come to careers in heritage from a wide variety of educational backgrounds. Your career route will be unique, depending on the type of work you want to do, and the opportunities that you seek out and find.

Seven Keys to a Successful Career Path

In addition to your education, seven of the most important skills you'll need for your career in heritage are:

  1. Heritage enthusiasm – being curious enough to learn all the stories you can about your family, community, region or country.

  2. Good communication skills – having the capacity to get your ideas across clearly verbally and in writing, in as many languages as you can.

  3. Networking – connecting with people working in this sector who can support you in your career goals.

  4. Research and investigative skills – developing a curiosity and an ability to investigate the story behind the story that interests you.

  5. Hands-on experience – working or volunteering in museums, archives, libraries, heritage fairs, etc...

  6. Historical knowledge – reading as much as you can about different periods in history.

  7. Business and technical skills – developing entrepreneurial and new technology skills.