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A passion for capturing the stories, ancient and emerging, that this land and its peoples tell, is at the heart of a career in heritage. There are many stories, and many ways of telling them; a career in heritage means a wide range of options and possibilities. Research, conservation, restoration, preservation, collection, presentation, protection: these are some of the words that heritage people use when describing what they do. Are you fascinated by history, by the buildings, tools or traditions from years ago? Are you wondering how to take your passion for storytelling and direct it into a career? If you complement these interests by developing other skills related to design, computers or business, you will have a wealth of career options in the heritage sector.

The Art of Storytelling: Careers in Heritage is part of a series of online resources to help you research, plan and achieve your cultural career goals. The series was developed by the Cultural Human Resources Council (CHRC), a national not for profit organization that represents artists and arts organizations across Canada, in consultation with those working in heritage. Explore CHRC's website to learn more about other careers in culture.