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November 29th 2016

For Cultural Managers – CHRC’s HR Management Toolkit
now updated and available online!

Are you navigating HR issues from time to time or on a daily basis in your theatre company, orchestra office, art gallery, film studio? Would you like practical advice, sound wisdom, straightforward answers on HR management as you deal with those issues? Advice, wisdom and answers from the prism and pen of Canadian cultural managers like you?

You’ll be glad to know that CHRC’s perennially popular HR Management Toolkit has been updated and is now available for purchase at to respond to your needs. For over a decade, this multi-faceted guide has been an invaluable resource for cultural leaders who have to handle the often tricky terrain of HR management. At their fingertips, they find tips and tools on a wide range of HR issues, from Recruitment to the difficult topic of Termination – and everything in between.

The revised Toolkit addresses the original topics and includes a new guide on Succession Planning.

  • Mentoring
  • Job Descriptions
  • Recruitment
  • Benefits
  • Contracting with Contractors
  • Managing Performance
  • Succession Planning
  • Resolving Conflicts
  • Termination of Employment
  • Best HR Practices in the Cultural Sector
  • Working with a Nonprofit Board
  • Using Competency Charts

And a new “HR Management 101” with CHRC’s foundational Competency Chart for Cultural Managers

The revision process was undertaken by some of Canada’s most experienced cultural managers including the members of CRHC’s Provincial and Territorial Advisory Committee. The Committee provided advice and consultant Sibyl Frei wrote the updates.

This updating of the tools in the HR Management Toolkit is an integral part of CHRC’s latest national pilot project on mentorship - Talent to Lead (T2L) ( The tools will serve as the basis for webinars created for the cultural managers selected to participate in the Talent to Lead project.