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November 28th 2013

Press Release

Release of career guides with advice and counsel for emerging artists

In collaboration with the Canada Council for the Arts, CHRC has engaged practising artists to revise the 2007 versions of the TAMYC discipline enhancements for actors, writers, visual artists, craftspeople, musicians, filmmakers, dancers and digital media content creators. Our writers are all seasoned professionals in their fields, each with a strong commitment to and passion for their art form. They provide reality checks for young artists breaking into their respective fields, along with the best advice and counsel possible in order to be successful.

The revisions to the enhancements include updates to Web sites and points on how new digital technologies are influencing the ways to manage a career in each discipline.

For a preview of the content of each enhancement, click on the links below for the your particular discipline to see the Table of Contents.

These are available free of charge to CHRC members; and are for sale, along with the The Art of Managing Your Career guide at a nominal price. There is also an attractive licensing price to encourage educators in the arts to incorporate them into their curriculum and classrooms.

Click to expand the "Tables of Contents" below:

+ Craft

+ Dance

+ Digital Media

+ Film

+ Music

+ Theatre

+ Writing

+ Visual Arts

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