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September 24th 2013

Press Release

The Art of Managing Your Career, the essential guide to business skills for self-employed artists and cultural workers, is now available at your fingertips wherever you are, in 5 new E-learning courses!

CHRC is pleased and proud to launch these invaluable tools for making a living from your art - based on the 5 chapters in its ever popular best-selling guide for self-employed artists:

Course 1: The Culture Biz
Course 2: The Art of Self-Promotion
Course 3: The A to Z of Project Management
Course 4: Money - Keeping Track
Course 5: You and the Law

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Graduating from their academic training with honed artistic skills and ripe with talent, artists and cultural workers realize quickly that the business side of being self-employed demands a whole other skillset - and TAMYC is their answer. Since 2002, TAMYC has been providing self-employed artists and cultural workers with the know-how to develop financially viable careers. Written by and for artists, it has been taught in colleges and universities, through professional associations and artists' networks, and used by independent artists and cultural workers for over a decade.

Now CHRC brings its timely advice to your laptops through 5 clear, compelling E-learning courses.

Following the TAMYC guide closely and mirroring its content, the E-learning courses are yet another way to help emerging artists and cultural workers to practise their art and make a living at the same time.

Take advantage of this new learning tool to perfect your business skills, and give your chosen career as a self-employed artist or cultural worker the boost it needs to be financially as well as artistically successful!

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For our francophone colleagues - in a break from CHRC's standard practice of producing all its materials in both official languages, the TAMYC E-Learning courses are only in English. This is because steps have been taken in Quebec, through the Conseil québecois des ressources humaines en culture (CQRHC) with support from the government of Quebec, to produce a series of online training modules in French, also based on TAMYC (L'Art de gérer sa carrière). These are available to francophones across the country. For further information, please see

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