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May 2nd 2013

Press Release

A new Digital Media HR Toolkit!

CHRC and Digital Media Industry Strengthen Skills Approach

The Cultural Human Resources Council (CHRC) and the Digital Media (DM) industry are putting a sharp focus on Canada's highly skilled DM workforce in a newly released Digital Media HR Toolkit for Interactive Digital Media (IDM) teams.

Industry has identified the unique skillsets that IDM team members collectively need, and CHRC has laid these out through clear analysis. The result is a fresh, insightful presentation of the highly skilled environment in which an IDM team works.

"This positive collaboration between DM employers and workers and CHRC has led to a deeper understanding of the DM industry's uniquely talented workforce and its training needs," says Donald Henderson, CEO of Interactive Ontario.

In particular, these tools shine a light on the prized artistic/technical hybrid worker, sought out by the DM industry. They also underline the business acumen and DM specific project management skills so essential to a successful IDM team.

Following on the heels of CHRC's interactive Chart of Competencies for IDM Teams are 3 detailed profiles by function:

  • a Profile for the creation function
  • a Profile for the project management function
  • a Profile for the business function

Download the Digital Media HR Toolkit

DM employers building and managing IDM teams will find the profiles invaluable in developing clear job descriptions, performance assessment criteria, and training plans. They will have at their fingertips a strategic overview of the essential working parts of an effective IDM team. They will be able to clearly evaluate their human resource assets and gaps to maximize productivity and profitability.

DM workers as creators, technicians and project managers, can identify their skillsets and training needs; and intelligently shape their career and professional development choices.

Educators and trainers can develop curriculum and course content from the chart and profiles. They can also find valuable information on training gaps in the comprehensive Training Gaps Analysis (TGA) that looks closely at the training offerings and needs of the DM industry today, based on the skills identified in the chart by practicing DM professionals.

"These tools give educators a clear picture of the evolving needs of the DM industry. They'll help the education system keep pace with our fast moving industry." - Louie Ghiz, Business Development Director at New Media Manitoba

The Cultural Human Resources Council (CHRC) is a not-for-profit organization committed to strengthening the Canadian cultural workforce by providing leadership and innovative solutions to human resource issues and to better the HR environment within the cultural sector.

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These projects received funding from the Government of Canada's Sector Council Program.

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