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February 4th 2013

Press Release

What skills are needed on an Interactive Digital Media Team?

After extensive consultation with Interactive Digital Media (IDM) Team workers and employers across the country, CHRC is releasing an IDM Team Competency Chart to answer that question.

View the IDM Team Competency Chart

Developing interactive digital media content and relational experiences is a team affair. Whether it is a two-person or 20-person team, the same skills are required to complete the creation, project management and business functions.

An IDM Team member may be involved in more than one function, of course. It is common in small and medium IDM businesses to have IDM Team members wear different hats e.g. a business hat in securing funding and a project management hat in tracking costs; or a creator hat in drafting a creative concept and a business hat in securing strategic partnerships.

The point is: all the skills are needed.

CHRC's Competency Chart helps IDM Team members to evaluate their own skills and training needs to be an effective team member; IDM employers to write job descriptions and build IDM Teams; and Educators/Trainers to develop curriculum.

More info about the Chart:

Functions in creating IDM "content"

  • The Creation function refers to the process of conceiving, creating and producing interactive digital media experiences including artistic and technical skills.

  • Project management refers to the function of directing, supervising and controlling a project from beginning to end.

  • Business refers to the function of the business operation at a high level; it involves securing and overseeing the financing of the project and ensuring its successful marketing and distribution.


Take advantage of the interactive format

Because of the nature of the subject matter and because of the complexity of the content, CHRC has chosen to release the IDM Team Competency Chart in an interactive format. Users can see the full chart with all the functions, or they may choose to see the functions separately. A PDF version of the chart is also available if printing is still your preference.

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View the IDM Team Competency Chart

More tools for the Digital Media sub-sector:

Other tools that will follow in the
next few weeks:

  • an IDM Team Profile (based on the Competency Chart);
  • a Training Gaps Analysis for IDM Team members;
  • a high school teaching resource (based on the Competency Chart);
  • a resource on Starting up a DM Business;
  • and a revised InterZone - the Digital Media website in our Careers in Culture series.

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Already Published:

The IDM Team Competency Chart is the first tool that follows the release of CHRC's context paper: "Canada's Interactive Digital Media Industry: Where Creativity Meets Technology in the Digital Economy".

Context PaperThe integration of artistic and technology skills is fundamental to the IDM Team - whether those skills are in one person, or in a computer science graduate and fine arts graduate working closely together!

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