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CHRC Releases Resources for the Digital Media Industry

March 23rd 2012

CHRC is pleased to release its much anticipated workshop resources for Project Management 101 for workers in Digital Media, in response to considerable demand and following extensive consultation.

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Prepared by experienced DM content creator and producer, Ron Lamoureux, this training offering addresses the serious project management skills gaps in the DM industry.

The workshop document and PowerPoint presentation explain traditional project management and then expand into the Agile project management approach that is specifically suited to the quick turnaround /decision making processes that characterize DM production.

This material was tested and refined in 4 workshops in Vancouver, Charlottetown, Saskatoon and Ottawa - to very good reviews.

"I enjoyed this training. Thrilled, I explained to some of my teammates, on my return, how we could implement it in our team. My manager really liked it. We will definitely go on with this new approach." - Workshop Participant

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