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July 13, 2010

CHRC’s submission to the Digital Economy Strategy consultations

CHRC has prepared a submission to the national Digital Economy Strategy consultation process which highlights the unique role the cultural sector has in helping Canada to, as the consultation paper says, "seize a digital advantage on the creative global stage":

"Cultural workers have a particular relationship to digital technology - and the related digital skills - that sits at the core of any digital economy.  Namely, it is this sector that provides the content (from music in the 1990s, to video today) that has created the animus for the expansion of digital infrastructure."

The submission also highlights the unique training needs of cultural employers and workers that go beyond IT training.

"The appropriate approach for the cultural sector is to focus on industry relevant digital skills, rather than simply adding generic IT training."

While acknowledging the strength of the cultural sector internationally and in terms of digital presence, the submission emphasizes that employers and workers in the sector need digital skills that encompass:

  • learning how to create for all the new platforms made possible by broadband and mobile technology and infrastructure;
  • learning how to use the existing broadband and mobile networks for marketing and showcasing the cultural product via the Internet;
  • the development of business and entrepreneurial skills needed to navigate in the new digital environment.

The document echoes CHRC’s Digital Media Content Creation Technology Roadmap which highlights the need for hybrid digital creative-technical-entrepreneurial skills in the cultural sector.

For the full submission and executive summary please visit our website.

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