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May 14, 2010

National Digital Economy Strategy Consultation Process

On Monday, at the Canada Web 3.0 conference in Stratford, the Minister of Industry, along with the Ministers of HRSDC and PCH, released a consultation paper Improving Canada's Digital Advantage, and announced a process to develop a National Digital Economy Strategy.

The time frame is very tight: submissions have to be received by July 9. Artists and the cultural sector as content providers of Digital Media are key players in this process and conversation.

Digital media creators are at the centre of all creative industries, producing information, entertainment, services and applications using digital technology. The sector includes, but goes beyond arts and culture traditionally defined, and is driven by the same creativity that inspires Canadian artists. Digital media has been described as the "soft infrastructure" that is equally as important as the "hard infrastructure" like broadband connectivity. Both elements have a profound impact on Canada's ongoing success in the digital economy.

With the right framework, digital media entrepreneurs have the ability to create Canada's digital content advantage with vision and boldness to unleash the potential of content to capitalize on our investments in digital infrastructure and drive more innovation in the years ahead. Those who get it right will find ways to meet the needs of Canadians as citizens, consumers and creators, and in doing so, will drive the uptake of infrastructure and devices, distinguishing Canadian digital offerings in a crowded global marketplace. (Source: Improving Canada's Digital Advantage: Strategies for Sustainable Prosperity)

CHRC will be preparing a submission on the importance of digital skills development for the cultural sector.

We urge you to take the opportunity to engage in this urgent national debate that will shape government policy and our national agenda for the coming decade.

CHRC would appreciate receiving copies of your submissions to help us be most effective in understanding and responding to your HR needs.

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