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New Workshop for Film and Television Producers

July 7, 2009

The Cultural Human Resources Council is pleased to release the outline, content and resources for a new Business Skills for Film and Television Producers workshop. This three day workshop is designed for business owners and operators in film and television who are seeking business and management training.

Many small and medium sized Canadian media companies have been founded by creative people who through a process of evolution but not formal training, find themselves running a company. This workshop will provide these individuals with an understanding of the basic business skills they need to grow their companies, and expand them through strategies to capitalize on cross platform opportunities.

The workshop includes sessions on marketing, financing, distribution, negotiation and much more. See our detailed outline for a look at the full expanse of the course. Multiple learning styles are incorporated including lectures, exercises, case studies and group problem solving.

Teachers and trainers interested in delivering this unique and timely workshop are asked to contact Susan Annis (613-562-1535 ext.22;

The Business Skills for Film and Television Producers workshop was developed by the Cultural Human Resources Council with assistance from British Columbia Film and the CFTPA - BC Producers Branch, who helped to pilot its presentation. This project is funded by the Government of Canada's Sector Council Program.

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