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CHRC announces launch of Culture Sector HR Study 2009

May 21, 2009

The Cultural Human Resources Council (CHRC) is pleased to announce that, with the financial support of HRSDC, it will be undertaking a Culture Sector HR Study, a major review of human resource issues in the cultural sector. This national study will update the knowledge and information acquired five years ago through the sector study entitled Face of the Future.

Following an extensive RFP process which elicited several excellent proposals, CHRC has engaged the Conference Board of Canada (CBoC) to carry out the study. The CBoC will work under the direction of a national Steering Committee which includes a mix of employers and workers with subject matter and HR expertise. The CBoC's approach to the work will be highly consultative, in order to ensure that their findings reflect the current realities of the sector.

The Culture Sector HR Study will have two phases.

Phase 1 will consist of a literature and documentation review and a review of existing Labour Market Information (LMI) data in order to identify LMI gaps in Broadcasting; Film and Television; Digital Media; Book and Magazine Publishing; Music; Live Performing Arts; Visual Arts and Crafts; and Heritage (Libraries, Archives, Museums and Built Heritage). This Phase will also include consultations early on in the process to gather immediate information on the effect of the economic downturn on cultural employers and workers. CHRC will release the results of Phase 1 in December 2009.

Phase II will consist of identification and analysis of HR issues; and the formulation of key findings and suggested recommendations. It will be released at a national cultural sector roundtable in June 2010.

The study's findings and recommendations will inform the strategic planning process and project proposals of CHRC over the coming years.

The Steering Committee met for the first time on April 14, 2009, and will meet again on four other occasions over the course of the project. CHRC will keep the sector informed and up-to-date on the progress of this very important study; and from time to time assist the consultants in their data gathering and consultation process.

The Cultural Human Resources Council (CHRC) is committed to strengthening the cultural labour force, and strives to be at the centre of vision and forward thinking in the area of cultural human resources development. CHRC brings together representatives of arts disciplines and cultural industries in the cultural sector to address the training and career development needs of employers and cultural workers including artists, technical staff and managers. To become a member of CHRC please visit our website.

This project is funded by the Government of Canada's Sector Council Program.

For further information please contact Geneviève Chassé (613-562-1535 x31;