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Analyzing Training Gaps for Interactive Media Producers

March 25, 2009

The Cultural Human Resources Council (CHRC) is pleased to announce the release of the Training Gaps Analysis (TGA) for Interactive Media Producers. This document seeks to determine the training needs for competencies identified in the Interactive Media Producers' Competency Analysis; survey the current training offerings for those competencies; and analyse the training gaps based on the training needs assessment and offerings survey.

The TGA identifies as the most essential skills required for this occupation "active listening" and "decision making".

All in all the TGA makes 5 recommendations and includes many best practices from across the country to inspire and instruct.

Interactive media producers and training institutions indicated that keeping up with new and emerging skills and technologies continues to remain an important part of staying current within the industry.

The TGA recommends delivering courses in small modules offered in evening courses, workshops or conferences format.

It also goes on to recommend business skills training. Since the role of a producer includes overseeing the business objectives and managing all phases of the project life cycle, knowledge of financial and business skills is an asset.

The TGA also recommends ensuring that graduates entering the industry or current practitioners are meeting the skills requirements using the chart of competencies as a guide for developing a job skills profile.

Finally, it addresses the need for better communication between industry and training institutions. Training institutions need to be aware of the industry demand for producers within different regions of the country enabling training programs to meet the current market demands for interactive media producers, rather than estimating.

This document can be found on the CHRC website.

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