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New Resources for Showrunners

March 6, 2009

The Cultural Human Resources Council (CHRC) is pleased to release the chart and profile of competencies for Showrunners in the Film and Television industry.

The position of Showrunner in a television series is relatively new in Canada. Steve Lucas, on behalf of the Expert Working Group that developed the chart and profile, describes the role this way: "The Showrunner is the chief custodian of the creative vision of a television series. The Showrunner's primary responsibility is to communicate the creative vision of that series - often from pilot episode through to finale." CHRC worked closely with members of the CFTPA, the WGC, the DGC and Québec producers to identify and understand the unique skill set that an experienced film professional must bring to this position.

The chart and profile of competencies identify the combined competencies that make up the work of a Showrunner; it was compiled by a group of expert practicing Showrunners from across Canada. The competency chart and profile can be used by individuals to evaluate their own skills and to determine areas where they should pursue additional training. They can be used to design professional development modules and to modify/enrich curriculum. These tools can also be applied in defining job profiles, developing competency-based professional development programs, negotiating and customizing training programs, developing career planning programs, recruitment profiles and individual position descriptions. They can also be used by educators and trainers to develop course curricula, workshops, etc...

CHRC will soon release a Training Gaps Analysis based on these documents, which will have recommendations on how to address training gaps for Showrunners.

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This project is funded by the Government of Canada's Sector Council Program.

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