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CHRC is pleased to announce the release of Welcome to the Future: a Guide to Marketing Music in the New Economy

January 30, 2009

Whether you are an artist, musician, composer, performer, music entrepreneur or however you contribute to the business of music, you know that the world around you - the music world in which you create, interpret and execute your dreams - is changing, and, more than ever, effective and dynamic marketing is essential for your success.

In an industry undergoing extraordinarily rapid change as a result of evolving technology and the forces of globalization, knowing how to navigate new ways and means of reaching audiences is one of the biggest challenges. Learning how to take advantage of the potential opportunities of new technology to market around the world is the key to success.

This course document provides information, tips and sound advice in a series of tantalizing units, including Marketing; Marketing Basics; Knowing Your Customer (All you need is love); The Marketing Plan; Nuts and Bolts, Tried and Mostly True; It's Not Your Father's Oldsmobile; Been There, Still Doing It (and T-shirts too!); New Kids on the Block; and Catching up with the Rest of the World.

The Guide to Marketing Music in the New Economy is available to educators to adapt course curriculum; to individual musicians who are ready to promote their own songs; and to producers and agents who are marketing their bands and artists.

This project is funded by the Government of Canada's Sector Council Program.