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Launch of Digital Media Content Creation Technology Roadmap

January 21, 2009

CHRC is proud to release the Digital Media Content Creation Technology Roadmap – a roadmap for content creation in the Digital Media industry over the next five years.

Typically a Technology Roadmap (TRM) tracks where technology is going over a five to ten year period. In the case of the Digital Media Content Creation TRM, the focus is on technology as it affects and is affected by content. It recognizes the symbiotic relationship between the two in the Digital Media industry: each drives the other. The Conference Board of Canada, in its recent report on Arts and Culture as Cornerstones in the Creative Economy (August 2008), underlines the importance of the links between technology and content in Canada's creative economy. "In the context of the creative economy, innovation requires the development of links between content and technology; technology and creativity…."

This comprehensive project began with a visioning meeting in February 2008 which brought together leaders in the Digital Media industry from across the country. Their goal was to imagine where Digital Media content creation would be in five years and what "technology" steps, and corresponding "skills development" steps, would need to happen to realize the vision.

A smaller group of industry and education leaders then worked with CHRC and a facilitator with expertise in TRMs to articulate the visionary ideas of the February meeting.

The release today is the culmination of Phase 1 of the TRM process. The report identifies six major technology projects and potential collaborators, and corresponding skills development projects, which need to happen over the next five years for Canada's multi-billion dollar Digital Media industry to be competitive in the global market.

The Phase 1 document calls for a National Digital Media Strategy, and an Implementation Committee to be jointly chaired by CHRC and the Canadian Interactive Alliance (CIAIC). This Committee would prioritize and oversee the initiation of the projects.

The full TRM with extensive Appendices can be viewed at

This project is funded by the Government of Canada's Sector Council Program and Industry Canada.

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