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CHRC launches Competency Charts and Profiles, and Training Gaps Analyses for Film and Television Directors and Producers

November 10th, 2008

Charts and Profiles

The Cultural Human Resources Council (CHRC) is pleased to add competency charts and profiles for Film and Television Directors and Producers to its suite of HR tools for the Film and Television industry. Charts and profiles already exist for Documentary Filmmakers and Production Managers, and are presently being developed for Location Managers and Showrunners.

These competency charts and profiles have been developed by expert practicing professional Film and Television directors and producers from across Canada. They can be used by individuals to evaluate their own skills and to determine areas where they should pursue additional training. On a corporate level, this material can be applied in defining job profiles, developing competency-based professional development programs, negotiating and customizing training programs, developing career planning programs, recruitment profiles and individual position descriptions.

These charts and profiles were created in response to recommendations made in Fast Forward, A National Training Strategy for the Film and Television Industry, and were overseen by CHRC's Film and Television Steering Committee. These tools can be found on the CHRC website.

Training Gaps Analyses

CHRC has also undertaken comprehensive Training Gaps Analyses based on the skills identified in the charts compiled by the Expert Working Groups. The analyses include training offering surveys, training needs assessments, and recommendations on how to address the identified training gaps.

The TGA for Film and Television Directors identifies as the most essential skills required for this occupation "working with others" and "oral communication". It also examines the complexity of the various learning approaches, be it formal, on the job, self-taught, or innate.

The TGA for Film and Television Producers outlines the gaps in training offerings for a number of the competencies, including "securing financing", "managing contracts", "managing finances", "exploiting property" and "running a business".

Both TGAs make 8 recommendations and include many best practices from across the country to inspire and instruct.

These documents can be found on the CHRC website.

Also available to those working in the Film and Television industry is the Training Gaps Analysis for Below-the-line Film and Television Workers.

This project is funded by the Government of Canada's Sector Council Program.

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